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Railed Slab
Data Sheet

Railed Slab

Mineral wool insulation boards that are mounted on to a metal
track creating a drained cavity in timber / metal frame

CCL can offer Knauf Insulation EWI Slab that has been precision
cut to 600mm x 500mm board sizes with a pre-cut slot on all
four edges.

The boards are supplied direct to site on pallets with a weather proof covering.

The boards are available from 40mm to 250mm thick although
some thickness may be subject to a minimum order quantity.

Lamella Firebreaks

Precision cut lengths of Knauf Insulation EWI Slab used to form firebreaks at party wall or floor junctions.

The slabs can be supplied with smooth edges for fixing directly to the substrate, or with a pre-cut slot on all four edges for drained cavity applications.

The product is supplied in 1200mm lengths, 200mm high, in widths from 30mm to 300mm and is delivered direct to site on weather proof pallets.

The minimum carriage paid order is one pallet. Thereafter, individual lengths can be ordered, reducing waste on site.


  • Meets Building Regulations
  • Simple to install
  • Maintenance free
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