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Party Wall DPC
Data Sheet


Party Wall DPC consists of lengths of flexible mineral wool slab fully enclosed in polythene and bonded to 500 micron polyethylene damp proof course. The damp proof course has a 40mm flange on each long side and a 100mm flange on one end.


Party Wall DPC is designed to minimise sound transmission and prevent fire penetration through the party wall cavity adjacent to separating floors and properties.


  • Fire, thermal and acoustic solution
  • Simple to install
  • Integral damp proof course
  • Maintenance free


Insulation length: 1200mm
Insulation width: 260mm / 300mm
DPC length: 1300mm
DPC width: 340mm / 380mm

Insulation thickness: To suit cavities from 50mm to 150mm

*Other sizes can be manufactured to order.

Standards and Performance

The mineral wool insulation achieves a fire classification of Euroclass A1 as defined in BS EN 13501-1. The DPC conforms to BS6515 (1984). The correct use of Party Wall DPC will exceed the requirement to provide a 30 minute cavity fire barrier as defined in Approved Document B of Building Regulations 2010 (2019) edition Table 3 of Appendix B.

The product has been independently tested adopting procedures and criteria from BS476: part 20: (1987) and achieved 1 hour fire resistance.

Party Wall DPC complies with the robust details accepted to provide a solution which satisfies the Approved Document E (2003 Edition) of the Building Regulations relating to the transmission of sound.


Party Wall DPC should be fitted during the brickwork / blockwork stage of the building process. The product should be fitted with the DPC against the inner face of the outer brickwork with the 40mm flanges on both sides.

During vertical applications each length should be installed with 100mm flange at the bottom, with the next length forming a close butt joint over the flange. During horizontal applications the product should be supported by the wall ties that join the inner and outer leaf and is protected from above by the cavity tray system.

Handling / Storage

Party Wall DPC is supplied in strong polyethylene outer bags and should be kept dry on site prior to installing.

Due to the flexible nature of the product some local delamination may occur during handling. This, does not,
however, detract from the performance of the product.

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